Завадскі Андрэй, Праблемы і перспектывы мясцовага самакіравання ў Беларусі

Праблемы і перспектывы мясцовага самакіравання ў Беларусі

Метадычныя матэрыялы для ўдзельнікаў РГА ТАВ(Ф), выкладчыкаў, слухачоў і выпускнікоў Народнага Ўніверсітэта

Завадскі Андрэй

Publication Place: Менск

Publication Date: 2003

Publisher: Таварыства аматараў ведаў (філаматаў), Народны Ўніверсітэт

Category: History; Politics; Society

Copyright © 2003 by Таварыства аматараў ведаў (філаматаў)

Book Collection: KAMUNIKAT — this site (online version); BTH — the library of the Belarusian Historical Association, ul. Proletariacka 11, Białystok (hardcopy)

Copy Numbers: BTH — [4722]

Supplementary Data: Выданьне публікуецца тут за ласкавай згодай Таварыства аматараў ведаў (філаматаў)

Problems and Prospects of Local Self-Government in Belarus Methodological material for members of the National Civic Association of Knowledge Seekers (Philomaths), People's University Lecturers, Students and Alumni By Andrey Zavadzki Freedom and equal rights is one of the thorniest issues in various countries. Self-government may help address it. Self-government encourages civic initiative and implies responsibility of citizens for civic affairs. People involved in self-government count on themselves, while the lack of self-government means that people rely on the authorities only. The work focuses on self-government types, principles and functions, local self-government principles, Belarus' legislation governing local self-government, the functions of local self-government bodies and communal property management. Importantly, the author offers a plan of local government and self-government reform in Belarus.

Catalog: Kamunikat.org | BTH

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