Contacts and Dialogues, 3/2000

Contacts and Dialogues

Belarussian Cultural Information Analytical Bulletin`


The term mentality is derived from Latin mens (mind). It means the specific way of thinking of a individual or group of people. The specific character of mentality is formed under the influence of such factors as the natural and geographical features of habitat, age, ethnic, social and religious affiliation, the specificity of economic, social, political and cultural life of a society, etc. At the same time mentality influences the deve... Болей »

Contacts and Dialogues, 1-2/2000

Contacts and Dialogues

Belarussian Cultural Information Analytical Bulletin


Dear reader, You have now received the 1st issue of CONTACTS AND DIALOGUES JOURNAL, its English-language version. It was in 1996 that the International Association of Belarusian Studies launched its original Belarusian version, which turned out to be the first-ever periodical on cultural studies in Belarus. CONTACTS AND DIALOGUES feature different aspects of the country's general and political histojry, and discuss burning issues of Bel... Болей »