Belarus Live 09.01.2009


The population of Belarus has been staggered by a rocketing increase of prices after the devaluation of BRB up to 20% at the beginning of the year of 2009. Some foodstuffs, including cereals, fish, juices, tangerines and coffee became 30-60% more expensive. Independent experts think that the dealers take into consideration such factors as the currency devaluation as well as the expectations of further economic troubles and the connected increased commercial risks, while forming new prices. A Deputy Minister of Economy Uladzimier Adashkievich threatened the trading enterprises with auditing the reasonability of price-forming mechanisms they are adhering to nowadays. Still, independent economists believe that these efforts are just in vain. The experts forecast that the official inflation expectations for 2009 in the amount of 9-11% will be exceeded no less than thrice.

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