Антыбальшавіцкія паўстаньні і партызанская барацьба на Беларусі

Віцьбіч Юрка

This manuscript was written in the late forties—early fifties, some forty years back. One can only sincerely regret that it was not published earlier. Fortunately, however, the content of the publication has not lost its significance and importance today. Although the "evil empire" is long gone, collapsed, many thousand points concerning this tragic period — which historians call the era of the Soviets — have to be explained, clarified, corrected. This book does precisely that: it emphasizes an important point in modern Belarusian history: the Belarusian nation did not succumb to the Soviets lightly. For the first time in Belarusian literary-historical writing, attention is focused on the fact that the Soviet regime was not welcomed in Belarus, but, on the contrary, there was wide-spread and very active resistance to Communism, and strong attempts to restore Belarusian National Statehood, the Belarusian National Republic which was proclaimed March 25, 1818 and subsequently fought by the newly-established Soviets. Jurka Vicbic documents these events and provides background source materials. He reveals that the struggle against the Soviets lasted in Belarus until the early thirties. In addition to a wealth of documentary evidence of anti-Soviet resistance, the editor has supplemented the publication with important documentation of the working process of the author, thus creating an important work for Belarusian literature as well as historical research.

Беларускія аўтары:
Выдавецкая сэрыя: Belarusian Poets and Writers Series. Vol. 7
  • Месца выхаду: Нью-Ёрк
  • Дата выхаду: 1996
  • Рэдактар: Уклад. Юрэвіч Лявон
  • Выдавец: Беларускі Інстытут Навукі й Мастацтва
  • Катэгорыя: Гісторыя, Палітыка, Мэмуары
  • Кнігазбор:
    • EEDC — бібліятэка Усходнеэўрапейскага дэмакратычнага цэнтру, ul. Proletariacka 11, Białystok (папяровы асобнік)
    • MiOKB — бібліятэка Музея і асяродка беларускай культуры ў Гайнаўцы, ul. 3 Maja 42, Hajnówka (папяровы асобнік)
  • Інвэнтарныя нумары: EEDC — 1555, MiOKB — 4933, 4934, 4935
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