Nadson Alexander, Ceslaus Sipovich

Ceslaus Sipovich

the first Belarusian Catholic Bishop in the 20th century (1914-1981)

Nadson Alexander

Дата выхаду: 2006

Катэгорыя: Гісторыя; Рэлігія; Біяграфіі

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Ceslaus Sipovich was born on 8 December 1914 into a farming family at Dziedzinka, a small village in the north-western corner of Belarus which at that time formed part of the Russian Empire. As the result of changes brought about by the First World War and the Russian Revolution, the territory of Belarus was partitioned in March 1921 by the Treaty of Riga between its neighbours. Its western regions cam under the Polish rule, and the eastern part became the Belarusian Soviet Republic, a constituent part of the Soviet Union. It was a cynical deal which paid no regard to the interests of Belarusians.

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