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Бярозка Анатоль, Адзінаццаць вершаў

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Бярозка Анатоль

Месца выхаду: Мантысэля ў Мінэсоце

Дата выхаду: 1989

Выдавец: Мацей Рэпкаў Смаршчок

Выдавецтва/ друкарня: Monticello Printing, Inc.

Памеры: 28с., 21см

Катэгорыя: Мастацкая літаратура

Кнігазбор: KAMUNIKAT — гэты сайт (электронны варыянт); BTH — бібліятэка Беларускага Гістарычнага Таварыства, ul. Proletariacka 11, Białystok (папяровы асобнік); MiOKB — бібліятэка Музея і асяродка беларускай культуры ў Гайнаўцы, ul. 3 Maja 42, Hajnówka (папяровы асобнік)

Інвэнтарныя нумары: BTH — [1440]; MiOKB — [5143], [5144], [5145]

Дадатковая даведка: Выдана з дапамогаю Беларускага Інстытуту Навукі і Мастацтва

Anatol Biarozka was a young Byelorussian poet whose short-lived burst of creativity came to an abrupt end among the cataclysmic events that engulfed Europe in the early 1940's. He disappeared from the literary scene, and this is a first attempt in nearly half a century to collect some of his writings. His land is Byelorussia (Whiteruthenia), situated between Poland and Russia — a country that remains little known outside its own borders, although it became one of the founding members of the United Nations. Though a vast and mighty state during the Middle Ages, known at that time as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, it succumbed to conquests by its aggressive and greedy neighbors, and was "crucified at the crossroads of East and West". Presently it survives only as Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, one of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union, where it is engaged in an arduous struggle to preserve its culture, its language and its very identity.

Каталёг: | BTH | MiOKB

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