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Human Rights Situation in Belarus in 2016

Human Rights Situation in Belarus in 2016

Analytical review

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Дата выхаду: 2017

Выдавец: Праваабарончы цэнтр Вясна

Катэгорыя: Правы чалавека; Грамадзтва

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- changes in the geopolitical situation in the neighboring countries continued to have a significant impact on both external and internal political situation in the country during 2016, which in turn affected the human rights situation in Belarus; - the year saw a continuation of the policy of ‘soft practices’, which began in August 2015, as the authorities kept abstaining from violent dispersals of unauthorized protests, detention of protesters and sentencing them to short jail terms. At the same time, the year was marked by a nearly sevenfold boost in the number of cases when citizens were fined under administrative procedures for exercising freedom of peaceful assembly and expression, as compared to the previous year;

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