Супрун Васіль, Геніюш Ларыса, Незабыўныя “ксівы”

Незабыўныя “ксівы”

вершы з падпольнай канцлягернай перапіскі з Ларысай Геніюш

Супрун Васіль, Геніюш Ларыса

Publication Place: Менск

Publication Date: 2008

Editor: Шэіна Даша, Гірдзюк Маша

Graphics Design: Гецэвіч Юрась

Publisher: Юрась Гецэвіч

Category: History; Belles-Lettres; Human Rights; Society; Sources

Book Collection: KAMUNIKAT — this site (online version)

Supplementary Data: Ідэя, сканаваньне, кампутаровы набор, вычытка Ганна Мухіна; Кампутаровая шыхтоўля і дызайн, вычытка, друк Юрась Гецэвіч

Unforgettable Letters is a collection of poems from prison correspondence between Vasil Suprun and Larysa Heniush who found themselves under similar tough conditions. The correspondence can be described as a school of life and poetry. Vasil Suprun, who had read Larysa Heniush’s collection released in 1942, began to correspond with the poetess in the concentration camp. He sent her his writing and waited for her to reply, review and offer him advice. The collection features all versed letters that were found and placed in a chronological order. Thanks to these letters and Vasil Suprun, who kept the correspondence, the epistolary heritage of Larysa Heniush and Vasil Suprun has been preserved for future generations. (N.H.)

Belarusian Authors: Геніюш Ларыса

Catalog: Kamunikat.org

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